When is theft considered theft?

This is the common definition of theft, however theft seems to be open to interpretation when it involves the graphic design industry. For the most part those who procure graphic design services are fantastic and appreciative; I have many clients that can be described using those two words. However, there are companies/individuals (albeit in the […]

Advertising – Legacy Thinking

I was recently sent a short clip of eNCA’s ‘Maggs on Media’ interview back in May 2017, which featured Richard Mulholland – business thinker, highly regarded speaker and author of ‘Legacide – why legacy thinking is the silent killer of innovation’. I’m not sure whether Richard was bemoaning the entire global advertising industry or a […]

Inspirational quotes… are they just meaningless words?

Motivational and inspirational quotes serve to inspire readers to change their perspective and transform their lives for the better. Inspirational quotes have been posted online for years, and the popularity has spread like an epidemic. Admittedly, many of these quotes are comical and entertaining and I acknowledge that some quotes are appropriate and inspiring. After […]

Rebrand, Botswana?

I recently read an article in the Botswana Gazette with regards to whether rebranding is advisable. Rebranding has become popular in Botswana over recent years with several prominent organisations having rebranded. Unfortunately, not all rebrands have been successful, as Mr Gaorekwe Gaorekwe (Director, Brand Botswana) pointed out by citing the University of Botswana (UB) as […]

Is it really RIP LinkedIn or can it be resurrected?

I’ve seen a lot of #RIPLinkedin posts lately by members who have become worried, because they feel LinkedIn is becoming more and more like Facebook. I’ve become more active on LinkedIn over the past few years, ever since I relocated to Botswana from the UK. I use LinkedIn to try and establish a professional network, […]

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