Shahnaz Herbal

Shahnaz Herbal is part of the Shahnaz Husain Group, which has over 400 franchise clinics across the world covering over 138 countries. The franchise has been operating in Botswana for decades and has established a strong reputation. In the past Shahnaz Herbal created the entire spa’s branding collateral in-house, but realised it lacked a professional finish.

I felt it was important Shahnaz Herbal’s branding connected with its Indian origins; therefore I used a henna pattern as the main feature. Blended onto the ‘Shahnaz green’ background it worked perfectly to give them consistency throughout their branding. The price list is placed on top of a handmade paper effect, which presents a natural and organic feel, which you would commonly associate with a spa.

The institute is a place for learning and yet their origin leaflet was cluttered with product offers and team pictures that included former employees. By selecting relevant and appropriate imagery, simplifying the content and removing promotions the leaflet now achieves its objective – to promote the institute as a place for learning. These changes are simple yet effective.

  • Client: Nassrin Ardestani
  • Date: March 2015
  • Location: Botswana
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