Stop and think before you call yourself a ‘self-taught’ graphic designer

I’ve been operating in Botswana for a few years now and the design industry is saturated with large, medium and small agencies and a high number of freelancers. Then there are photographers, photocopy shops, printers, interior designers and everyone else who supposedly provides graphic design services. When you observe the quality of design, you can […]

Mathata Gasennelwe – an unexpected inspiration

I first visited Botswana in 2006; it was my honeymoon having married a Motswana lady that same year. The trip had a profound effect on me; to my surprise I could actually envisage living in Botswana. We returned to the UK and starting saving so we could afford to make the journey again to do […]

Think Outside of the Slide

Companies invest sizeable amounts in certain areas of their business, engaging professionals to design their brochures, annual reports, marketing/advertising, promotions, etc. Yet many don’t engage professionals to design their presentations. For the most part employees complete them in-house. Millions of people use Microsoft PowerPoint on a regular basis, whether it’s for training/educational purposes, business/sales pitches […]

Is Graphic Design Expensive?

I have almost 15 years experience within the graphic design field and since 2014, I’ve been self-employed. It’s quite daunting as full-time employment comes with the security of a guaranteed monthly salary, unlike the unpredictable level of income that comes with self-employment. At times it can be extremely challenging. I’ve found pricing graphic design services […]

The Design Brief

What is a design brief? It’s the starting point for a successful outcome. Wikipedia’s definition of a design brief is “a written document for a design project developed by a person or team (the ‘designer’ or ‘design team’) in consultation with the ‘client’. They outline the deliverables and scope of the project including any products or works […]

Are We Born Creative?

The age-old question with regards to the origins of an individual’s creativity has been whether they’re simply born with it or is it something that can be developed? Having reviewed a few articles it seems there are findings that suggest creativity is somewhat genetic and lies within a person’s DNA. An opinion I found interesting […]

Intellectual Property Theft

This is the common definition of theft, however theft seems to be open to interpretation when it involves the graphic design industry. For the most part those who procure graphic design services are fantastic and appreciative; I have many clients that can be described using those two words. However, there are companies/individuals that chose to […]

Advertising – Legacy Thinking

I was recently sent a short clip of eNCA’s ‘Maggs on Media’ interview back in May 2017, which featured Richard Mulholland – business thinker, highly regarded speaker and author of ‘Legacide – why legacy thinking is the silent killer of innovation’. I’m not sure whether Richard was bemoaning the entire global advertising industry or a […]

Inspirational Quotes… are they just meaningless words?

Motivational and inspirational quotes serve to inspire readers to change their perspective and transform their lives for the better. Inspirational quotes have been posted online for years, and the popularity has spread like an epidemic. Admittedly, many of these quotes are comical and entertaining and I acknowledge that some quotes are appropriate and inspiring. After […]

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