Services / FAQs

Blue Zebra Creative can be your starting point or
a retrospective alternative should you want to revise
or redo what has already been done.


Developing a brand identity that is commercially viable and relevant to the sector it will reside.


Delivering collateral or products over a period of time, such as campaigns, online communications and alike.


Design, concept and layout of documents such as reports, catalogues, product brochures, yearbooks, etc.


Set up a standard WordPress website, which you can maintain yourself once completed.


Diagnose a company’s branding problems and determine possible improvements.

Marketing Services

Working with our marketing partner to provide a strategic approach for business promotions and communications.


Audio to text service; we respect confidentiality and are happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.


English to Setswana/Setswana to English translation service to enable you to communicate accurately.


Including editing and checking grammar, punctuation, capitalisation, verb tense, spelling, sentence structure and clarity.

The Process

1. Enquiry

After you’ve contacted us we’ll send you a brief form, which you need to complete. The brief form is important because it gives us the details we need to assess your requirements and to see if we’re a good fit! Once we have a green light, we’ll send you a quotation along with our terms and conditions agreement. Once you’ve accepted the quote, signed the agreement and paid the deposit (if applicable), we’ll schedule your work in our calendar.

2. Research

Now the official paperwork and pricing is out of the way, we can move on to the next stage. We may require some more details and if this is the case, we’ll be in touch with any further questions. These could be about the actual work required or some details about your business or your objective(s). We will carry out research to find like-for-like comparisons, influences and inspiration. This is also the period in which you will need to ensure we have all the copy and content we need to start the job. For corporate firms this is also the period you will need to arrange the purchase order (PO).

3. Design

Once we have all the copy, content and confirmation of the purchase order, the design work begins. This is when we start developing concepts and working through ideas. Sometimes we may even send you some of these ideas to see if we’re on the right track. If this is the case, we’ll work collaboratively to tweak and perfect before I send a more finalised draft. Once you have the final draft/proof, you have two sets of revisions, which are explained within the T&Cs Agreement.

4. Finalise

After the revisions have been made, we’ll make any finishing touches and prepare the final files. Once your final deposit is paid, I’ll package up the files and email to you. Job done!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a design brief?

It is the starting point for any project. The brief is a document/form that outlines the deliverables and scope of the project including timeframes and budget. The following article explains further – The Design Brief.

Do you supply print work?

No, Blue Zebra Creative is not a print company and does not directly provide any printed material.

Can you make signage?

No, Blue Zebra Creative is not a print company and does not directly provide any printed material.

Can you source print work?

Yes, I can source print quotes from Botswana, South Africa or the UK. However, if you do not require me to provide any artwork, there may be a fee applied for print liaison.

Who are you clients?

My clients are predominantly established organisations/institutions and as such I have clients within the corporate sector, various NGOs and a private school. I also have international clients in Europe and Southern Africa.

How do your branding packages work?

Branding packages vary depending on the client’s requirements; for most clients I prepare a branding proposal. The branding proposal is the first stage and most consist of at 2-4 logo options, which includes black and white variations of the primary logo. If applicable I include brand guidance/advice regarding the logo’s usage. I also incorporate mock-up graphics to illustrate how a proposed brand could look in reality. Some proposals have also included research and rationales.

Once a logo design has been selected the next stage is formalising the collateral. A standard branding package includes business cards, letterhead designs and a basic company profile (if required). The package could also be extended to include social media artwork. The final stage is delivery and all logo files are submitted in the following file formats – ai, pdf, jpg, png – all artwork for print is submitted in the relevant print ready formats. Letterhead artwork is submitted as a PDF and also embedded in a Microsoft Word file.

PLEASE NOTE: The package mentioned above is the standard package that comes as a whole, I do not create company logos in isolation. Larger organisations seeking a branding/rebranding package are subject to further discussions before agreeing on the right package for their business.

Do you provide websites?

Yes, but I am not a web developer or a coder, so I cannot create custom-made websites. I create websites using WordPress.

WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create websites or blogs. It is an open-source content management system, which means anyone can use or modify the WordPress software. A content management system is basically a tool that makes it easy to manage important aspects of your website without needing to know anything about programming. Anyone and everyone uses WordPress, be it individuals displaying résumés/portfolios or large businesses selling services/products. The service I provide is the initial set-up of your WordPress website, which you can maintain yourself once completed.

PLEASE NOTE: Blue Zebra Creative does not provide web hosting or domain name registration.

What are your prices?

The price for any job differs because not every job is the same, there are a lot of factors to consider when quoting. The quality of the details in the brief help me provide accurate quotations.

As is the case with most professional designers, I charge an hourly rate and estimate the time required to complete a project. My rates account for my time, my skill and experience. I cannot issue a quote until you have completed the brief form. Once received I can assess the complexity level of the work required and price accordingly.

Additional fees are applied to projects required within the reasonable timeframe normally required. Although some projects simply cannot be completed within short timeframes.

I do encourage prospective clients to compare Blue Zebra Creative with other creative providers/agencies producing the same level of work. I have written various articles on the subject – the following article best explains design rates –  Is Graphic Design Expensive?

Does the client receive the original artwork?

Generally speaking, no – that’s an industry standard. Logo files are commonly the only exception to the rule.

Do you provide designs/concepts in advance of payment?

No. Such request are known as ‘speculative work’ or ‘spec work’ and I do not participate in such requests. You can read more here – Staging a competition for a rebrand is a very bad idea.

What are your accepted method of payments?

I only accept payments via bank transfer.

I needed a project yesterday, can you work within that timeframe?

Depending on what is required, I can produce certain artwork within short timeframes. However, due to the nature of the projects I’m involved in nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to accommodate these demands. Therefore I ask clients to always consider realistic timeframes and plan ahead.

There are many variables to consider where branding projects are concerned and the process does take time. It could take a few weeks before the project is scheduled and standard branding projects can take a minimum of 4 weeks to complete, depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Naturally the whole process requires complete cooperation and timely responses from the client.

Prospective clients also need to be mindful of print deadlines and other timeframes associated with printers, as general communication can be prolonged.

What is brand consultancy?

To simplify brand consultancy in terms of how I operate, brand consultancy is where I offer my expertise without necessarily providing any graphic design work. Brand Assessment – for organisations wishing to assess the effectiveness of their current brand and provide guidance. Consultancy & Evaluations – for organisations outsourcing any design projects such as annual reports.