Gaborone, Botswana


November 2020


November was the month for the UN’s ’16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence’ activities. Sadly 2020 saw a rise in GBV cases in Botswana. The BW government and Botswana Police created a dedicated unit to tackle GBV incidents and with that a dedicated hotline. YourBotswana took it upon themselves to promote this hotline using thought-provoking GBV material. Each piece addresses a different aspect of GBV and its affects.

This campaign ran primarily on social media platforms, however the supporting visuals are examples of how flexible the artwork could have been with adequate funding. YourBotswana is a privately funded entity and has no form of revenue. This campaign was not sponsored by the government or the police.

The booklet could have been extended to feature statistics to support each message. It could have been made available in reception areas and other public spaces. Billboards, posters and advertisements could have been used to spread awareness around the country. The beer mats/coasters could have been present in all establishments selling food and beverages.