Safari Trotter


Safari Trotter


Maun, Botswana


April 2020


Brand design, concept and website for a new high quality wildlife and adventure safari operator in Maun, Botswana. I wanted to create a brand that was new, somewhat different, but would fit into what is already a vast and competitive market.

The giraffe is a recognisable symbol of Africa and not often used in branding. In terms of brand association, there are a few negatives to giraffe. They are relatively friendly and affable and very social animals that roam around in groups. The giraffes in this option appear to be enjoying a tender moment, which is essentially what Safari Trotter wants their clients to experience – tender, heart-warming moments, shared with those they love.

This option is rustic and sympathetic to an Afrocentric brand identity. The tagline ‘make memories, leave footprints’ is a simple message to inspire those wishing to travel to Africa and experience its beauty.

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