The Cuvelai Watercourse Commission (CUVECOM) is the institution responsible for managing the water resources of the Cuvelai River basin, a transboundary resource shared by Angola and Namibia. CUVECOM’s mission is to promote and advise on the sustainable management of water resources to support the safety and well-being of the population.

I was commissioned to design the integrated water resource management plan (IWRM Plan), which is a technical document setting out CUVECOM’s Vision for the Cuvelai River basin and the wide-ranging actions that will be required to address the various challenges and best exploit the many opportunities available. The plan was also replicated in Portuguese.

The website ( is aimed at promoting the work of CUVECOM and the sustainable development and management of the basin water resources in the interests of those living within the basin on both sides of the border. It contains continued updates and progress as well as a gallery of images.

  • Client: GFA Consulting / GIZ
  • Date: July 2019
  • Location: Gaborone
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