Have It All

HIV/AIDS has been a prevailing issue in Botswana for the past few decades; however, with initiatives such as Treat All, Botswana continues to be a leading force in the HIV response. “Have It All” is a documentary about five Batswana living well with HIV thanks to consistent antiretroviral therapy (ART). “Have It All” was produced by the US Embassy in Gaborone through the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health & Wellness (MoHW). The film is part of the larger communications strategy for Botswana’s crucial “Treat All” policy that allows all Batswana who are HIV-positive to be immediately eligible for HIV treatment.

The main message of the film is to encourage people to test for HIV and, if positive, begin treatment immediately. The film also “puts a face to HIV” to show that people living with HIV can “have it all” by taking charge of their life, their health, and their future through treatment. In doing so, the film attempts to combat the stigma, discrimination, and shame surrounding the disease. The repeated message is, “You can have it all with treat all!”

I was asked to design the artwork for the facilitator’s pack, which is distributed across the country. The pack contains a DVD and flash-drive containing the movie files (English, Setswana and Sign Language). The facilitator guide booklet is essentially – 1) a guide on how facilitators should carry out the screening and – 2) a mechanism for collecting data. These along with other promotional material are housed within a folder. I decided to create a photo frame of the people who feature in the film to signify memories. The goal for people with HIV is to stay healthy, live long and happy lives and make memories. It also worked well with PEPFAR’s message of “putting a face to HIV”.

The artwork has been placed on a background of text that reads – have a family, have a future, have good health, have a profession, have a career, have a partner, have a connection, have no shame, have a purpose, have friends, have a plan, have respect, have dreams, make memories, live your life, you can have it all with Take All.

  • Client: PEPFAR
  • Date: December 2018
  • Location: Botswana
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